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OB04 Connectivity


Connectivity is the connection between the data that is collected locally and the applications. The data is made available to the applications in a controlled way. This ‘managed connectivity’ is required to divide the available bandwidth and enforce the relevant data protocols. This layer emphatically does not include ‘small cells’ that are used to deliver 4G/5G services to third parties.

Management summary

This management summary contains some crucial starting points (selections) that are described further in the document. The purpose of the table below is to clarify these starting points.

1Point-Point fibre network architectureBy using a Point-Point fibre network, an open network structure is created. This allows all connected Smart City Hubs to be reached independently of each other from the central coupling point (Area PoP).
2Redundancy in fibre infrastructureRedundancy means that all hubs in the LLS of two or more sides are provided with a network infrastructure. Each side of a hub then leads to its own PoP. Not all parts of the LLS fibre network are immediately redundant during construction. To date, only the PoPs and the fibre route will be redundant: all distribution points will be coupled through two different routes to the two Area PoPs. If required, the other parts can be added at a later stage in line with the design.
3Multi duct systeemMulti duct systems allow for flexibility in the future. New objects (Smart City Hubs) can be connected to the system relatively easily without having to open up the route again (avoids excavation work).
4Laying fibre infrastructureUp to now the municipality of The Hague is intending to retain the management of the laying of the fibre infrastructure to keep access as easy as possible and to encourage cross-domain applications. The fibre infrastructure can be transferred to the market at a later stage.
5ServicesA managed service will be available by adding active components to the system (Point-Point fibre). What managed services will be offered, and whether or not these will be self managed, depends on their development for the Urban Operator.
6Security & PrivacyBy using Point-Point fibre architecture, encryption can be applied from layer 1. There is also the option to attain protective measures on several network layers and to divide data flows in physical or virtual paths.
7Cloud accessThe fibre network is the preferred medium to allow data access from the Smart City Hubs to the cloud.

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