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OB01 Power Supply Concept


The power supply concept for the SCI deviates from the regular power supply of the Urban Lighting in The Hague. The power supply must be available 24/7 and requires more capacity for some applications than the Outdoor Lamp Controller (OLC) network can supply. An adapted power supply concept for the SCI must also guarantee the same high availability requirements for the Urban Lighting.

The power supply concept and the lighting operation system must be worked out closely with OLC and a joint vision arrived at. This collaboration is essential, not only in terms of technical specifications, but for later phases in the areas of installation, asset management and maintenance, operations and experimentation.

Management summary

This management summary contains a number of fundamental principles (selections) that are described later in the document. The purpose of the table below is to clarify these fundamental principles.

1Combined OVL/Stedin network– One type of power supply for each Smart City Hub (OLC). The power current building block is the only building block to be supplied directly through the Stedin network.
– The combined network will be phased out.
– The OVL network will be available 24/7 after modification of the wiring of the lighting power supply boxes (‘tunnel solution’). The additional systems will also be fitted with alternative control through replacement of TF signal.

TF=ToonFrequentie (Sound/Frequency)
OVL = OpenbareVerLichting = Public Lighting
2No DC voltage availableUp to now DC voltage has not been supplied. Scenario analysis to be done on implications of construction should DC voltage be used.
3Measure energy consumption main usersIdentify main users, separate meters
– Charging
– Smart City auxiliary
Calculate applications in Smart City according to capacity allocation should separate monitoring not be possible
4Combine charge stationsWhen possible, combine a few Smart City Hubs with the power current building block on 1 Stedin connection (under investigation).
5Internal power supply Smart City HubSee concept selection OB-00002 Smart City Hub

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