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Introduction Concept Selections

Introduction Concept Selections

A ‘concept selection’ is a collective name for the deliberations, choices, options, scenarios and analysis involved in finding solutions for the project objectives

At the very least, concept selections comprise the following:

  • An inventory of the options and/or scenarios;
  • A weighing up of the project objectives. For the assessment framework, the same criteria are used as those for the use cases. Where possible, these are quantified;
  • A risk assessment for the options/ scenarios;
  • References to the underpinning documents and research.

The concept selections are expanded upon in separate documents and are updated according to new information and insights. The table below shows a list of the concept selections.

OB-00001Power supply concept
OB-00002Construction Smart City Hub
OB-00003Decoupling design support structure and functions support structureIncluded in OB-00002 Construction Smart City Hub
OB-00005Lighting operation
OB-00006Expandability Brownfield
OB-00007Renewable energyPending
OB-00009Renewable Demarcation Asset Management and Maintenance
OB-00010Sensor HotelIncluded in OB-00002 Construction Smart City Hub
OB-00011ConfigurationIncluded as sub-document per zone in OB-00012 Pre-prepared construction
OB-00012Pre-prepared constructionSamengevoegd met OB-00011 Projectering

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