Welcome to the Smart City Compass, a comprehensive design created by the municipality of The Hague over the last few years to prepare for the ‘smart city’. The design maps the options, scenarios and analyses of social needs and opens them up to innovative solutions. This Compass shows the path towards the creation, in public and private partnerships, of a Living Lab in Scheveningen. The municipality will use the Living Lab in Scheveningen to test technological applications for all types of societal needs; process legal and data issues; and examine its changing role in a smart city. There are certainly many issues to consider. By initially learning at a small scale, evaluating the lessons learned and then applying them, the Compass will become ever better and more reliable. Everyone with relevant knowledge in this area is invited to contribute so that all the knowledge can be gathered and used to come up with smart innovations for issues such as accessibility, safety, security, energy, health and the environment.